Welcome to the Qantas Virtual Events Community

Welcome to our new QVG Events Hub!

We are pleased to have created this community forum to replace our Events Discord Server. This will be the place we post all our Events and Partnered Events, Group Flights, and more! Feel free to use the #off-topic and #off-topic:real-world-aviation chats for discussion, and if you have any problems, please message a Staff Member or post your issue in #support.

Please note that this does not replace our event threads on the IFC. Please make sure to reply on the IFC to request gates etc. for the event. This community is for discussion, and event co-ordination.

We know it’s a bit empty here at the moment, but we look forward to all your ideas, suggestions and content to start filling up our forum. We will also soon be rolling out more features that will allow you to be emailed/notified when events you subscribe to are updated, allowing you to stay up-to-date with any events you are attending. We look forward to seeing what is coming!

We hope you enjoy this exciting new system, and please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!