The Effects of COVID-19 on the Aviation World

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First of all welcome to the QVG Events Community, hopefully on here we can bring together the QVG community in these unprecedented times we are living in today.

These unprecedented times we are living in today have had drastic effects on aviation throughout the world. At the time of me writing this there are only three Qantas aircraft flying globally; PER-GBW, HKG-MEL and LIM-BNE, with that last flight from Lima to Brisbane being a reparation flight and possibly also Hong Kong to Melbourne. Not only has the main Qantas airline been affected but so has Jetstar and QantasLink with Jetstar only operating a single flight currently from Hobart to Melbourne and QantasLink only operating six flights nationally. Airprots throughout Australia have also had to drastically change their operations due to COVID-19.with Brisbane’s normally bustling airport on a Tuesday night, dead silent with only ground vehicles on the apron.The nation’s busiest airport, Sydney is also practically empty aside from two Cargo flights on the apron.
So I, would like to ask the QVG community, how has COVID-19 affected your aviation experience? Have you been limited from plane spotting locations? Were you planning a trip that was cancelled?


Great thread, the impact the virus has had on the aviation/travel sector is crazy. I have never seen Australia’s skies so empty. It will be a real test for airlines, and I think the aviation market worldwide will be very different after everything goes back to normal.

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Yeah, for the first time ever GA have out numbered commercial and airlines like 5 to 1.


I was meant to fly down to Melbourne to see Cirque Du Soilel in the school holidays (not on Qantas unfortunately) and 1 week before we were meant to leave Virgin Australia stopped flying to Mildura. The amount of flights to Mildura have also dropped drastically. Both Qantas and Virgin Australia have completely ceased Mildura flights, while Rex is only offering one direct service to Melbourne a week.

This severely affects the Mildura community because many people in the area are recovering cancer patients and require transport to Melbourne and Adelaide for treatment. Driving simply isn’t an option for them and with a lack of flights they can’t receive treatment.


For the past year and a half, I have been slowly piecing together a spotting trip to Sydney.

Over the past few months however, Coffs Harbour lost 2 airlines’ services. One, a vital service to Melbourne, which was operated by TigerAir Australia; and the other, Virgin Australia.

I was also scheduled to travel to New Zealand on a cruise around both islands, this was cancelled. The flights to and from Sydney are still booked to see if any other arrangements can be made dependant on the situation and restrictions in place at the time.

Coffs Harbour went from having 43 weekly flights to and from Sydney, 18 to and from Brisbane and 2 to and from Melbourne to having 2 weekly flights to and from Sydney.

It’s interesting how people have been affected in different ways.

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I was an aircraft mechanic for Northwest Airlines years ago and got laid-off a month after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. Those were bad times for the aviation industry, but they lasted for a much shorter time than Covid 19 has. This is way worse in terms of airlines laying workers off and or shutting down entirely.

Beautiful message.