Qantas Virtual and 20.1!

20.1 is here! With a reworked 777 AND 737, both with live cockpit! Additionally, there are brand new SIDs and STARs, realistic airspace, VNAV and even Centre Frequency! To celebrate - for 24hrs, ALL 737 and 777 flights can be flown by any pilot, and you will earn a 1.5x multiplier. Here is how to add a multiplier to your total flight time.

  1. First turn your into ACTUAL flight time all into minutes.
    Example: NYC to Miami, 2 hours and 10 minutes = 130 minutes
  2. Next, multiply that number by the multiplier listed for that route.
    Example: 130 minutes multiplied by a 1.5x multiplier = 195 minutes
  3. Finally, turn it back into the (hours, minutes) format
    Example: 195 minutes = 3 hrs 15 mins

Enjoy the update and happy flying!