Partnered Event -11JUL20 / 1700Z-0300Z - All Aussie Adventures - Massive Australian Flyout!

The biggest event in Infinite Flight’s history

10 airports, 133 destinations, over 430 gates, 54 airlines, all hosted by the Aussies.

Be a part of history


Airports: Sydney (YSSY), Melbourne (YMML), Brisbane (YBBN), Perth (YPPH), Adelaide (YPAD), Darwin (YPDN), Canberra (YSCB), Townsville (YBTL), Hobart (YMHB), Port Hedland (YPPD).

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  • Please act in a professional manner at all times
  • If IFATC is present during this event, please follow all instructions issued by ATC, however, if there is no active ATC, please use Unicom correctly and professionally
  • We take no responsibility for violations received during this event.
  • Regulars may edit this topic and add themselves to a gate at any time (please inform yourself on how to edit a table before adding yourself to a gate).
  • When requesting a gate, please reply below with your Gate, Airport, and Wave
  • This event will use a wave system for 12 hours. Each airport will have 3 times for departure. Times can be found below
  • Instrument procedures will be in use during this event, please make sure you are familiar will these. For any charts required, please visit this site.
  • Make sure to post pictures of the event once it has been completed.

Wave Schedule

Qantas Virtual are partnering with this event!

As Australia’s Leading Virtual Airline, we love to support our Australian Aviation community by working together to create high-quality, enjoyable events.


Have fun everyone!