Hopping the Coral Sea @ YBCS

Join us we hop the Coral Sea and fly from Cairns to Port Moresby.

Located in Far North Queensland, Cairns connects the world to the Great Barrier Reef and is home to amazing views and even better beaches! Today we will be flying one of Qantas’ shortest international flights in the Dash 8 Q-400 from Cairns to Port Moresby with a flight time of just under 1.5 hours! This flight has stunning scenery, flying over the coast of Australia before crossing the Coral Sea and flying over the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Departure Airport: Cairns (YBCS)

Arrival Airport: Port Moresby (AYPY)

Server: Expert

Aircraft: QantasLink Dash 8

Departure Time: Saturday, May 9, 2020 5:00 AM

Flight Time: 1hr 30m (approx.)

Flightplan: YBCS CS 1609S/14553E ZANEY PUPEB KAPSO 1129S/14649E LENAK 918S/14709E AYPY


Make sure to request a gate simply by replying to this topic.

Gate Pilot
Domestic Stand 11 @Regional_EXpress
Domestic Stand 12 @jaedenmah
Domestic Stand 13 @Luke
Domestic Stand 14
Domestic Stand 15
Domestic Stand 16

More gates available if needed


Additionally, check out our thread here.


I’ll take a gate please


If I have just joined Qantas virtual and haven’t done anything at all am I able to sign up for this straight away?

Yes, you are @jaedenmah ! And you can file the flight as well.

For now, please sign up for a gate on the IFC Thread (linked below):

I’ll take a gate please.

@Regional_EXpress you have Domestic Stand 11
@jaedenmah you have Domestic Stand 12
@Luke you have Domestic Stand 13

See you all there!

Briefing will be at gate? And the departure time is the time we spawn at gate?

There will be a group DM on the IFC. What is your IFC?

Jaeden01 but I doubt I will be available on Saturday at that time